Life at East Bridgford Hill

Life at East Bridgford Hill


If you wish to use the house for meetings and extremely private and confidential matters and are loooking for a house where you can work and feel free to talk but have the advantages of a hotel we are perfect…A CEO commented that his board meeting was a huge success… he had never got such amazing feed back from his board and would recommend this environment to anybody trying to brake through new ideas… very inspirational place to bring your close team…we will be back…


As we are an exclusive house whatever the occasion whether it is your own party or you have come for a peaceful break it is exclusively yours and we pride ourselves on this privacy. No public will be allowed on the property when your event is taking place.

If you have taken the house to physically train especially for an event or you are with us for counseling of some kind…all is strictly private and all the staff have signed NDA’s . We have full security systems and their is no body who enters the property or leaves that we are not aware of or have on film.