Sustainable Eco Living

Sustainable Eco Living

Rare Breed Ducks

We live in a conservation area and over the years the Robens family have planted over 350 trees, planted 100s of flowers.

In our Victorian walled garden we have three local families running allotments one even has a fantastic scarecrow! Our victorian walled garden is perfect for children birthdays parties.

We have bats and badgers, rabbits and rare breed ducks,  and an old labrador called Freddie. Dogs can come and stay as long as they don’t jump on furniture and keep other guests up at night!

East Bridgford Hill is working toward a place where they can bring on local apprentiships for young people who have little chance of working in the country. Many of our future events will have the underlying principles of SELF.

East Bridgford Hill will be working towards the following in 2013 /2014

To create a strong working biodynamic and organic garden which supplies the business with  fresh vegetables

To enjoy our rare breed duck eggs and breed more chickens to use their eggs

To help support the Biodynamic Peace Garden created by S.E.L.F

To work towards introducing new environmentally sustainable energy into the house

To have all water filtered and ionised to enhance its rich mineral content and filter all unwanted chemicals

To encourage all guests use chemical free shampoos and conditioner & soaps – supplied also by the house as well as natural floride free toothpaste.

All the rooms have natural organics soaps and conditioners – guests especially love Emmas’Soap as it is not only natural but also no palm oil is used.We stock many of her soaps if you would like to buy one.

To have all rooms with filter shower heads

To encourage community participation of the Biodynamic Garden

To recycle and up cycle at all times, consciously reducing all plastics and minimising waste. All kitchen waste is composted where possible.

We collect for Terra Cycle – this is to support SELF Eco Days at Farm Eco

S.E.L.F – Sustainable Environmental Living for the Future